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The Klownski Foundation idea emerged from Sergio and Jennifer Franco who are proud parents of Jaden Franco who was born prematurely and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a few months after his birth. Jaden is now 5 years old still healthy as an apple but still has his challenges. Jaden also has two brothers and is one of the most charismatic little boy you will ever meet. He loves to play and laugh with his older brother Jacob and he also loves to listen to music with his father. Jaden also has a deep passionate connection with his mother Jennifer. He never seems to want to leave her sight and mama loves all the attention she can get from him. Together as a family we are able to do pretty much anything we want to do, there are challenges, some tougher than others but we still find a way to have fun and enjoy our time as a family. Unfortunately, others with disabilities do not have those same privileges either because of financial difficulties or because the ambulatory issues are much more grave or simply because some families just can’t bare the pain of raising a child with disabilities and often fall into depression. These are many things we all take for granted and these are many things Sergio and Jen have experienced with other parents of disabled children and loved ones. So together they want to make a difference, they want to be their voices, they want to be their partners in the fight, they want to let them know that they are there for them. So together with countless backers, endless supporters, friends and family we will make the Klownski Foundation a reality.

Our Goal:

To raise enough money to launch The Klownksi Foundation within 2 years.

Our Financial Goal:

$25,000 with committed financial backing from various organizations who are willing to match every dollar raised.

Our Mission:

For everybody with disabilities and with developmental disabilities (including all family members) get the help they need whether its financially, equality, counceling service, social environments, and a much better quality of life.

How we will raise it:

Through various partnerships and KLOWNSKI LLC. All money raised from our partners will be donated to the Klownski fund along with other public/corporate monetary donations. Also part of the monies from Klownski LLC sales, events and trips will be contributed to the fund.


The Klownski Fund
(Eventually becoming The Klownski Foundation)

The Klownski Fund was established in 2016 by Sergio and Jennifer Franco. They wanted to start raising funds for those who care for children and adults with disabilities and with developmental disabilities. As parents of a child with disabilities they have seen the need for help, resources and support throughout their daily experiences. They also wanted to get involved and wanted to help out those close to family members with disabilities like Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, relatives and friends. They are aiming at programs and services that will keep pace with the resources and support groups to provide their clients and families the equal opportunities to choose and participate in lifestyles that enables them to live in and contribute to their own communities. 

So for every dollar raised under the KLOWNSKI LLC umbrella partial funds will automatically go straight to the fund. Whether it be buying toys on our online store, buying a Klownski shirt and other fun items, participation in our travel events or even being part of our great fundraising events know that every dollar raised will help fund the ultimate goal in a few years. We have amazing moral support, we have amazing family support, we will have great financial backers for our future foundation and we will work tirelessly to make the foundation happen. 

As a Healthcare finance consultant I’ve been able to meet lots of people not only in the finance world but have also been privileged to be part of many udult and pediatric events in several Hospitals. I’ve been able to meet some extraordinary and brave children and adults throughout my career, some with very difficult situations, some with challenging situations and some with tough challenges, but I have also seen many of them beat the odds and kick some ass.I have many friends in different Hospitals, Children’s hospitals and lots of corporate friends in Southern California who are willing to contribute and by working together we will see that the dreams for many adults and children with disabilities come true. Our motto will be simple #DontStareSayHello!!!! A simple wave, shake hands, a simple rub on the head will make a world of a differnce not only to them but for all the familiy members who are caring for them. It's simple #DontStareSayHello!!!!!

 Who We are looking to Help:

Cerebral Palsy Foundations
Autism Foundations

Syndrome Foundations
Wounded Soldiers Foundations
Mental Disorders Foundations
World Disabilities Foundations

Childhood Cancer Foundations
and many many more Foundations
Children/Adults living in affordable, accessible housing
Children/Adults receiving 24-hour support
Children/Adults attending child/adult day programs 
Children/Adults receiving supported & independent living services 
Children/Adults receiving employment services 

Counties in Southern California we are looking to serve

(Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Orange)
Youth programs
Individuals receiving daily special services
Wheelchairs and equipment delivery annually

How we will make a difference:

Community Integrated Living
Supported Employment
Respite services for families
Advocacy & Parent Support Groups
Children’s Programs specializing in special needs
Conductive Education & Early Intervention
Adult Day Services & Education
Nursing & Medical Support

Families that are interested and need HELP!!! Please contact us for more information!!!!
We are here to help!!!!

​Contact info:


email: [email protected]

mailing address:
P.O. BOX 4466, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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Thank you everyone who is taking the time to read all about this and hope you're ready to join the KLOWNSKI ARMY today!!!!!  

I hope to hear from everyone soon and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

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